Lasse Møller Jensen.
Graphic designer.

M. +45 4096 0079

Works in the field of corporate identity,
packaging and book design.
Graphic designer since 1997.


Client: Gad Publisher and Georg Jensen
Project: Book design (100 year anniversary book for Georg Jensen)

Client: Hübsch Und ...
Project: Fashion catalog, summer 2006

Client: Implement (consultants)
Project: Corporate identity

Client: Fiasko Lamps
Project: Packaging for the lamp Flopp

Client: Fiasko Lamps
Project: Identity + product cards

Client: Designa Kitchen
Project: Logo (TV spot by Henry Rasmussen, music by Michael Miltersen)

Client: Hübsch Und ...
Project: Fashion catalog, fall/winter (2005/2006)

Client: Bacon Cph (production company)
Project: Identity and show reel cover – proposal

Client: TOBIs Café
Project: Identity, illustration and window decoration

Client: FutureBrand (while working at Scandinavian Design Group, Copenhagen)
Project: Packaging and cover for internal showcase design magazine named 'Strip'

Client: BazarPlus (luxury outlet)
Project: Logo + flyer

Client: Georg Jensen
Project: Postcards

Client: Agent Zoo (agent for directors)
Project: Identity + showreel covers + web (

Client: Ordning&Reda (Swedish paper and office supplier)
Project: Sales flyer

Client: Easyfilm (production company)
Project: Showreel DVD – packaging design (in acrylic) and design on DVD

Client: LiTHIUM BALANCE (Battery Management System)
Project: Identity

Client: Little Luia (brand agent)
Project: Identity + illustration

Client: Carlsberg (while working at Scandinavian Design Group, Copenhagen)
Project: Label (front and print on back of back label) for a cider (sparkling, 4,8% alcohol) – never produced

Client: Alfa-Fredensborg (rehab clinic)
Project: Logo